Bunker To 1100 Meters On The Sea | Finale Ligure, Savona | Nani Immobiliare

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Reference 371
Place Finale Ligure
Price Trattative riservate
Typology Complesso Storico
Square M. 1.050
Land 59.000 mq
Bedroom 7
Bath 6
Garage 3
Car 10

Description Bunker of about 1050 square meters. located about 1100 meters above sea level, (20 minutes drive from Finale Ligure) on top of a hill, surrounded by land and forest for almost 6 hectares, within which there is a private road that leads directly to it. The complex is surrounded by a deep moat and a high ring embankment, which prevent its full vision; only at the access portal, where the embankment is interrupted, is the presence and the grandeur of the building perceived. Dominant view to the sea. Crossing the wooden bridge, you pass under the great portal, on whose top there is the name of the fort, and then reach the inner courtyard, paved with stone slabs. Under a mound of ground, there are the spaces once used to house the areas most sensitive to possible attacks, ie the powder magazine, the ammunition deposit and the various underground tunnels connecting with shooting posts located on the outer perimeter. And it is right inside the ammunition depot that today a small private church has been built. L 'MAIN HOUSING consists of: large entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, library, 5 bedrooms, 2 study rooms, 4 bathrooms, technical room / laundry, garage / storage rooms. L 'ACCOMMODATION OF THE CUSTODE is nearing completion of the renovation works and is composed of: entrance, living room, kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. THE POOL is being designed with reinforced concrete structures having the following characteristics: rectangular shape, dimensions 8.00 x 3.00 meters, depth of 1.4 meters, mosaic covering, heated with whirlpool. The helipad was created for private and occasional use, referring to the D.M. 1 February 2006 "Rules for the implementation of the law of 2 April 1968, n. 518, concerning the liberalization of the use of landing areas ", which establishes in article 7 paragraph 1 the following:" It is considered occasional heliport area of ??any size suitable to allow, in the opinion of the pilot, occasional take-off operations. and landing. The touch area (TLOF - Touchdown and Lift-Off Area) has a diameter of 10 meters, (yellow circle) The area where the maneuvers are performed before the touch (FATO - Final Approach and Take Off area) has a diameter of 14 m (white circle). It is a property that intelligently combines the charm of the past (history) and architectural power. The property subject to assessment is located straddling the territory of two municipalities, at the end of a dirt road 2.5 km from the Melogno Pass. The latter is located along the State Road 490 that connects the municipalities of Finale Ligure and Calizzano, in correspondence of the saddle of the pass of Melogno.La property has been designed and renovated with special attention to the plausible climate shock. In particular, the roof (insulation of about 4 meters in stone and earth with grassy surface) and the internal and external masonry (with layers of stone of about 1.5 meters) give a guarantee of resistance and protection of well-being even with the most severe climate changes.


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