The Real Estate “NANI IMMOBILIARE” is a 'business consulting and brokerage houses, highly specialized in real estate management of Prestige.

The goal is to provide quality services in an attempt to act as sole contact person's attention, to create a relationship of trust, fairness and respect.

Nani Carlo: Legal representative. Degree in Economics and Commerce in April 2001 at the University of Pavia, discussing the theory of corporate strategy entitled: "The size of a dynamic group of companies."

I have always had a great passion for the ancient villas, for those buildings constructed with such care, that it can accommodate several generations in the years pass and the principles and emotions of the past.

The homes absorb the ideas, the energy of those who initially were designed and then inhabited, some are of such a beauty, which is close to perfection in line with the creative part of being human.

There are some homes that for position, history and creation, have a charm that elevate the spirit of those who live by improving relations not only between the partners, but also to ourself.

I always wanted to trade buildings with details that make them unique.

NANI IMMOBILIARE is situated in Via Camillo Cavour 41 Piacenza about 100 meters from Piazza Cavalli and is easily accessible with ample parking possibilities.