Monticello Castle (piacenza) | Gazzola, Piacenza | Nani Immobiliare

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Reference 401
Place Gazzola
Price Trattative riservate
Typology Castello
Square M. 1.500
Land 50.000 mq

Description Situated on the dorsal valley between Val Trebbia and Val Luretta, the Monticello Castle represents a landscaped view that is pleasant and harmonious with the surrounding hilly environment typical of the low Apennine Piacenza (540 meters above sea level). The structure is irregularly quadrangular, but it currently shows the visible signs of various and uneven modifications and architectural additions over the centuries. The front of the castle is on the eastern side, which is dominated by the slope of the portal, equipped with antique drawbridge; a robust square tower rises to the left of the guard entrance to the south side, while two round towers are secured to the north side. The interior develops around two courtyards of different proportions, overlooking the main factory houses, used for residential purposes. The castle layout reflects the traditional squared square pattern, with corner towers: one with square base and three circular as in near Rezzanello castle. A fifth tower, located on the eastern outlook, housed the entrance with a drawbridge, which remains evidence in the traces of the booths. Differences between the volumes have led some scholars to hypothesize different building periods or the initial foundation of a fortified village, later integrated with curtains and towers


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